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Top 100 Labor & Employment Settlements in the US in 2020

FBW is proud to announce that it obtained a “Top 100 Labor & Employment Settlements” in the United States in the year 2020, according to class action tracker The case, Martin, et al. v. Budd Properties Inc., et al., was a Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) collective action that FBW pursued on behalf of a group of hourly and salaried workers in south Georgia. In this case, FBW alleged that the workers’ employer implemented an illegal pay scheme designed to cheat them out of earned overtime wages. The scheme involved, among other things, systematically misclassifying employees as salaried workers and independent contractors in order to avoid paying earned and owed overtime. FBW filed the collective action in federal court in Albany, Georgia, and vigorously litigated the case for well over a year. The case ultimately settled at mediation for close to $900,000.00.


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