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Employment and Wage/Overtime Litigation

Fried Bonder White represents individuals and businesses of all sizes in employment disputes and litigation. Our employment lawyers bring decades of experience to the firm’s employment practice, having spent the early parts of their careers training at prominent national firms where they represented Fortune 100 companies in federal employment litigation. We now represent a broad range of clients in a broad range of employment disputes—from advising small businesses on their employment and payroll policies; to representing corporations and individuals in severance negotiations and employment lawsuits. FBW has exhibited exceptional expertise pursuing wage and hour disputes on behalf of individuals and classes of employees. Our diverse experience gives us a unique perspective on handling and resolving employment disputes, and we pride ourselves on achieving our clients’ objectives creatively and efficiently.

FBW brings decades of combined experience to its employment litigation practice, with expertise in the following areas: 

· Commission Disputes 
· Discrimination Lawsuits (Age, Disability, Pregnancy, Race, Sex, Veterans) 
· Employee Handbooks & Trainings 
· Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage and Overtime Lawsuits 
· Non-Competes, Non-Solicits, and Other Restrictive Covenants 
· Retaliation Lawsuits 
· Sexual Harassment Lawsuits 
· Trade Secrets Lawsuits 
· Whistleblower Lawsuits

To learn more about our employee litigation expertise and results, please visit the 

Notable Cases and News and Publications sections of our website.

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